About Us

[Update]  At Weslayan, we strive to provide the best for our customers.  We now make our turkey for our sandwiches from scratch.  What does this mean?  We invest in our employees to put real work into the final product (3hr cooking process).  We only make in small batches so it’s always fresh, and a whole lot less salt since it’s only used to season, not to preserve.  It does not come precooked in a box wrapped in plastic; nor does it come with an expiration date.  Absolutely no preservatives or ingredients you can’t pronounce or understand (e.g. sodium nitrate).  Lastly, it just tastes better and is better for you.

We believe simply that good food starts with better ingredients. At Weslayan Café, we use only the freshest eggs, all natural and local bread provider, 100% Certified Angus Chuck for our burgers and use organic produce where appropriate and possible. Our mission is to provide not only food that tastes great but is better for you.